Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Be Prepared?

Please understand that I was once a scout. I never earned my Eagle rank, but I worked hard as a scout for six years. Most importantly, I suppose, is that I still remember some of the most essential things my leaders ever taught me. You know, Be Prepared, as the motto of the group. The Scout Law does mention something about bravery, but not stupidity. Three hundred scouts had to be treated for heat related issues at the freaking National Jamboree. What the crap is that? Seriously. Can anyone explain this to me? It's like no one realized it was the middle of the freaking summer. Hello! It is the end of July, and this is an outdoor activity. Now, I understand that our little Boy Scout friends might be too proud to use water bottles, but there was no lake, ocean, or river to purify from, so... What were they planning on doing to keep themselves hydrated? Was each kid supposed to have enough water in their canteens for an entire day's worth of activities? Were they collecting sweat? Were they doing rain dances? What?
Memo to the BSA, being a scout is not the same as being in the military. These are kids. They are trying to be tough. You are the ones who need to teach them with prudence. There is no excuse for this.

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