Monday, July 25, 2005

Cough update

My doctor took today off because of the local celebration of the arrival of pioneers to the Salt Lake valley in 1847. After almost suffocating last night, my lungs didn't care who was celebrating what. I needed to see someone. I went over to the local Instacare and waited for more than an hour for my chance to visit with the doc. The good doctor asked the normal questions, "So you're coughing?", "Does it hurt?", and "Can I shove some pointy objects in your ears, nose, and mouth?" Of course, none of these were actually supposed to help anything. After all, I was coughing. Ears ache, but they don't cough. A nose may run, but it will not cough, either. The mouth is where a cough leaves, but it is not often the place of origination for such an ailment. So after we went though all of these fun games, the doctor wisely decided to have an X-ray taken of my chest. One quick look at the X-ray, and the diagnosis came. Pneumonia and bronchitis. Both. The new drug cocktail includes a week of antibiotics, narcotic cough syrup, and a steroid inhaler. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

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Jessie said...

No fun at all! I hope you are better now! Also, don't doctors understand that they are not allowed a day off? lol. Hi Ryan this is your obnoxious neighbor from Pineview Jessie! YOu miss me huh?