Friday, July 29, 2005

Lucky 113?

With a freshman coach and a sophomore AD, maybe I shouldn't be surprised about this.
Every year, before the college football season begins, College Football News releases its rankings of every football team in the NCAA Division I. This year, there happen to be 119 teams. My beloved alma mater, Utah State University, found itself ranked near the bottom (or at the bottom, but not last!). I think the relative strength of this year's team, as addressed by CFN, does lie in its secondary. The relative weakness, on the other hand, is a hard one to take.
Linebacker, Kelly Poppinga, became a traitor. He left the Aggies one year after begging other players to stay and help the Aggies rise from the dust. The remaining Aggie linebackers would do well to use this act as motivation.
Leon Jackson III showed moments of brilliance a year ago. This is his sophomore year, but it will be the first for the whole team under Brent Guy's watchful eyes. Jackson can throw and run, but he will need support from the actual running backs and receivers who are supposed to catch those throws. Kevin Robinson, this is largely your responsibility. Grab that ball, and run, baby!
The coaches from the WAC have picked the Ags to finish in the eighth spot out of nine teams. The media picked the same. The past few years haven't given Aggie fans much of a reason to believe otherwise. Fans, though, are still fans. A rank of 113 will not keep fans out of their frozen seats in two months. This team will provide some fireworks. This team will give fans something to cheer and sing about. This team is not going to finish in the bottom three of the conference. WAC teams, beware. The Aggies are coming.

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