Sunday, September 11, 2005

I take back my vote.

Dear President Bush,

When I was trying to make a decision about who to vote for in the elections one year ago, I tried to weigh the issues I found important. I worry about civil rights, terrorism, the environment, religious freedom, and the economy. After studying the platforms of the two leading candidates, I realized that neither was going to do a thing to help the world with any of those issues. That's right. I didn't think you would do anything to help, and I was right. You are a politician. Therefore, you are not human. You are greedy and selfish. I believe John Kerry has many of those same characteristics. The deciding factor that lead me to vote for you was the realization of the inevitable future of the Supreme Court. At the time, many friends of mine laughed at that reason. Now, you have two vacancies on your hands. John Roberts doesn't impress me as the choice to head the Court. I didn't mind his nomination as a member of the Court, but I don't like him being at its head. Only time will tell if this is a good or bad decision.
Most recently, I have been horrified by your response (and the government's, in general) to Hurricane Katrina. The title of this post, er, letter, leads to a video that makes me cry. It makes me sob. It makes me mad. It makes me hurt. You landing in a helicopter and not picking up a shovel or sand bag makes me irate. Way to use the press to give you some more positive spin. You are a jerk. You make a mockery of the hard work and integrity this country was founded on. Despite all of this, I wish you no ill nor harm. In fact, I hope you live long enough to repent of your ways. Stop playing to the cameras. Be a president. Be a leader. There are enough talking heads on TV. You actually have some power to do something positive and make a difference. So do it.

Jon Ryan Jensen

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