Friday, September 23, 2005

Two weeks of fun!

I haven't written for nearly two weeks, now. There has been a lot going on for me.
On Wednesday I took Matt to his first concert. We went to Green Day's SLC stop on the American Idiot tour. (Thank you, Stanton!) The music was great. It is fun to have a band that both of us like. My ears are still ringing.
Also, I have just finished moving in to my new apartment. If I had a camera, I would post the pictures of the chaos. Unfortunately, I do not have such a luxury. Fortunately, I am currently posting from someone else's wireless router (why don't people encrypt these things?). Really, the views are spectacular. I am on the north shore of Jordanelle reservoir. I'm sure there will be great views 365 days a year.
Last weekend, work was a bear. Our video server didn't like something in our encoded video, so it started to erase entire show play lists (kind of like iTunes for TV stations--except for the crashing part ;-) ). All weekend, various programs had the same problem. It was not fun. The best part was being yelled at for something I hadn't done. Welcome to the working world? I suppose so.

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