Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Superman Matt

So little brother Matt has started his new high school soccer season with a bang--or boo boo, I suppose. And this is going to have to replace the fun post I had planned for the day. Maybe tomorrow.
This is what happens when you make awesome saves as a goalie on a horrible field.
The first is in the emergency room. The second is after the x-rays had been taken. The good news is there were no breaks. It was just a fun little separation. Matt handled things well. He didn't yell when it happened, and he tried to convince the doctors to let him go back to play in the second half. Nice try, Mateo.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Much Thanks

"YA." In Spanish, it can mean "enough" of something. I haven't known how to write about the last fifteen days, but it is time for me to say, "ya", and get on with it.
It was two weeks ago this morning that my dad passed away, and I have not quite been able to get through anything but rough drafts of a thank you post for all of the people who have expressed their condolences to my family and me. At an emotional time like this one, I probably shouldn't expect to write something fluid. That being said, I can't go any longer without saying thank you to everyone out there. I didn't check my email in the days following my last post. Remarkably, I had more than 130 emails from friends, family, co-workers, and professors who had heard of my families loss. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My family needed many of your shoulders to lean on during this difficult time, and there were plenty to choose from. My mom's house now reminds me of a small portion of the Amazon. My brothers will have to eat leftovers for the next year. I still don't feel like it has all sunk in quite yet, but I am grateful for the knowledge that I will see Dad again. I'm glad he doesn't have to hurt anymore. I am happy to have had his example to guide me for twenty-five years.
For those of you who traveled back to the neighborhood to attend the funeral, my family and I thank you very much. It was wonderful to see so many people. It was especially wonderful to meet a bunch of the friends of my dad who took part in the record-setting, 16-people-in-the-Mustang, crowd. I'm sure you have inspired my younger brothers to attempt to break that record and keep Dad's legacy alive!
For those of you who couldn't make it to the funeral, know that it was much like my dad--funny, emotional, loving, honest. There were a lot of great stories told. Kelly did a great job of explaining what Dad was like as our dad. Jules spoke great things of Dad as a brother and friend. Tom did a fine, fine job of talking about Dad in Australia and beyond.
I promise that the coming days will see a different kind of YA. Dad wouldn't want us to mourn forever, so it is time to be a bit happier. Here we go, again...