Sunday, May 28, 2006


Nearly five years after our first date, I have finally proposed to Megan, and she said yes! We will be getting married on Saturday, August fifth in the Salt Lake Temple.

The whole story will have to be saved for another time. The web hardly seems the place to give details on our relationship. I will say that we are as happy as can be and hope to see all of you at the reception in about seventy days. We want this to be a big party. There will be lots of fun and dancing at the reception, so please plan on staying for a while if you desire. Official invitations will be mailed soon, and I will be calling/emailing those whose addresses I need.

On a not-so-intimate side of the story, I would like to relate one little part of this saga. Apparently, many people think this story is funny. Heck, I even laughed when it happened. But that was mostly out of fear. Anyway, I asked Megan's dad if I could marry her. He and I chatted for nearly an hour about things. Her father is a man much like my own--hard working, loving, funny, kind, and honest. At the end of our talk, he did give his official consent for me to propose, and then he pulled out a machete. Yes, that's right. He pulled out a machete. He pulled it out of the sheath and admired it as he warned me against ever hurting his daughter. With a bit of a nervous laugh (what are you supposed to do when your girlfriend's dad has a machete in his hands?), I promised I would never do anything that would knowingly cause Megan any pain. I intend on keeping that promise because I love her, not because her dad has a machete. Still, it was inspiring to see how much he cared about her to threaten my life if I ever did anything to his daughter. I'm not a dad yet, but I can only imagine how it feels to allow a daughter to marry some one of her own free will. I don't know that I will pull a machete on my daughter's boyfriend, but there's nothing wrong with a little drama every now and then, eh? It makes me wonder if my brother-in-law will be the type who cleans out his sniper-rifles when his daughter's boyfriends come to pick her up for dates. Luckily for me, Megs' dad did renounce his request that I vote Republican the rest of my life. Otherwise, none of this may be happening! At least that part of my free will will remain intact after marriage.

I apologize for not writing much recently, but this has been consuming most of my time for the last few months. That is the main reason for so few other posts. I make no guarantees as to the amount of posts I will be making in the next couple of months, either. With the addition of an editor-in-chief to my life, I have to be more careful about what I say and how I say it!

Seatbelts are fastened. Here we go...