Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Golden Countdown

It's July 18th and there are 18 days until the wedding! That's a fine bit of information for the day, don't you agree? Most of the invitations are out. I say "most" only because I remember someone else every time I turn around. I'm sorry if the invitations haven't been the most prompt in arriving. If you are a friend or family member, you are invited. I am twitterpated and unorganized in general, so please forgive any oversights on the invites. Really, I do love you all! Please, come celebrate with us! I have decided not to post all of the information on the blog, but you are welcome to post for the info. I will gladly email, snail mail, call, or send out homing pigeons to get you the information.

Now, for the more fun side of things. I am trying to create some fun and romantic CD's for the honeymoon. We are going to be gone for a couple of weeks, and I am not just looking for the sappy love songs. I want to know what some of your favorite love songs are. Heck, if Adam Sandler can make the cut, I'm not ruling anything out. Two weeks calls for a lot of CD's (or iTunes playlists). If I don't already own the song, I'm sure I can get a hold of it. However, I'm proud that my lists include everything from the aforementioned Sandler to Louis Armstrong, and Eric Clapton to Josh Kelley. One potential problem is the lack of female artists on the list. There are a few, but I like to sing and accordingly have a lot of male artists. Come on, you know you have that song that makes you think of the one you love! Let me in.


Katy said...

Not too sure what your chocice of music is, but here are some of my favorite love songs:Have A Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt,Till Kingdom Comes by Coldplay,Grow Old with Me by Peter Brienholt and Story Book Story from the Princess Bride soundtrack.

If need help finding anymore, Jeff is the MAN. He knows everything and anything when it comes to music. Good luck with the plans!

Jeffrey said...

Ok, this is what I live for. So I've compiled a mix of what I consider to be good songs, with some female singers thrown in as well.

Download here:

Jeffrey said...

Click here to download it. Stupid Blogger Comments.

Ryan said...

Jeff, you are the shizzle! That was awesome. It even came in flawlessly to iTunes on my PowerBook! Thanks for the list.