Sunday, September 10, 2006

Church Fun

Megan and I both speak Spanish and had been debating whether or not to attend church with the Hispanic majority that lives around us. We attended church with them two weeks ago and really enjoyed ourselves. Still, we wanted to give the English-speaking a chance as well. When we went there today, we were welcomed with open arms and met many great people. While in Sunday School, the bishop of our ward asked us to chat with him in his office. As it turns out, we are going to have the chance to be involved with both groups. The bishop asked us to attend the Spanish branch of the church as missionaries to help organize the branch here in Park City. We are both excited for this new opportunity. The people are wonderful. The chance to keep up on the language is great. We are also certain we will have many experiences that will remind us of our missions to Colombia and Brazil. Our first big activity will be next weekend when we participate in the "Gran Fiesta" with different Hispanic countries being represented in a cultural celebration (er, really big party). Surely, God has a sense of humor and now needs another good laugh after having seen my dancing skills at the wedding reception.