Friday, February 29, 2008

If You're Going to Leap

Happy Leap Day!
The 29th of February has always been a bit of an enigma to me. If we're going to have this make-up day every four years, why don't we celebrate it as a holiday? For me, the word "leap" has a connotation of jumping forward or getting ahead, not making up. Still, if it is a make-up day, why can't I use the entire day to finish some of the things I haven't done in the last four years? I can think of some things I'd like to do. I'd like to sleep in next to my wife. I'd like to enjoy some quality time with a basketball. I'd like to visit Logan. I'd like to get in at least one day of skiing this year. I'd like to enjoy a walk around the Provo Temple with Megan and Ty (I understand they even saw some grass!). I'd like to cook the turkey that has been in my freezer for the last two months. There are a lot of things I could do with an extra day, but instead I went to work. I missed the walk in Provo. The turkey is still frozen. Maybe I'll get to play some basketball tomorrow. The point is, though, that I wish this day wasn't another work day. A vote for Ryan is a vote for Leap Day as the next national holiday. Election Day is right around the corner. Keep me in mind!

As a side note, the title of this post is a link to something else I'd like to do on my Leap Day. It might take me more than a day or a week or a year to get the hang of it, but it sure is cool to watch. And I believe the picture above is of Sebastian Foucan, but I'm not positive. And, yes, he is jumping the gap of an open roof of a stadium in France.

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