Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jaycee for President

Jaycee Carroll would make a greater president than the options currently in the lead from the two main parties in the United States, but he is not running for president. He's not the kind of guy who would lobby for any position of authority. He is, however, a potential All-American and has been nominated for the NCAA's Senior Class Award.

By clicking on the name of this post, you will be taken to the official site where fans can vote on the classiest senior in both men's and women's college basketball for this year.

I met Jaycee when he was a freshman at Utah State University. I was at every game nearly two hours early, and I don't think I ever got to the stadium before Jaycee was in uniform and practicing his shooting. He is always smiling. He is always happy. He is always in charge on the court.

Jaycee is certainly not like some of the other stars of college or professional basketball. He doesn't have tattoos over ninety percent of his body. He doesn't have the attitude that makes him need everyone's attention. He is a baller. He plays basketball for the love of it. That is what this award is all about. It is for the player who puts off the dream of professional basketball to help his team and his own education by staying at school through his senior year. Jaycee didn't use a red-shirt year. He has used his four years to become the Aggies' all-time leading scorer. He has used his four years to gain a degree. The award may not be a service-oriented one, but Jaycee is the kind of guy who should get that, too. He helps out his teammates, his classmates, and kids in the community he doesn't even know. He doesn't need to know them. That's just how he is.

So while you may not be able to vote for Jaycee for president, you can still vote for him as a classy guy. Vote Jaycee Carroll for Lowe's Senior Class Award!